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If you are struggling to make it day to day or living from paycheck to paycheck because of a substantial amount of debt, there might be legal avenues that you can consider taking. Filing for bankruptcy might be the first step towards financial freedom. Bankruptcy attorney The Law Office of Andrew M. Doktofsky, P.C. can be of assistance if you find yourself in financial trouble in Glen Cove, NY.

Glen Cove Bankruptcy Lawyer

As your bankruptcy attorney, Andrew M. Doktofsky can help guide you in the right direction regarding which action is best for you regarding bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy is not the best option for everyone and Andrew Doktofsky can provide you with sound legal advice if you are considering filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Glen Cove or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Glen Cove.

Consumer Law Attorney in Glen Cove

The Law Office of Andrew M. Doktofsky, P.C. is an aggressive advocate for consumer rights. There are many predatory debt collectors and individuals in the consumer marketplace that target consumers to nickel and dime them. If you feel you have been a victim of automobile fraud in Glen Cove or if you are in need of foreclosure defense in Glen Cove and debt collection defense in Glen Cove, contact The Law Office of Andrew M. Doktofsky, P.C. today.

Glen Cove Court and Legal Resources

City Court of Glen Cove – This court handles civil cases where damages total $15,000 or less and small claims cases where damages total $5,000 or less. The court can be located at:

13 Glen Street
Glen Cove, NY 11542
(516) 676-0109

Bureau of Consumer Protection – This bureau works to protect consumers against unfair, deceptive or fraudulent practices in the marketplace. Additionally, the bureau conducts investigations, develops rules to protect consumers and collects complaints about consumer fraud and identity theft.

Prominent Areas in and Around Glen Cove

City Stadium Park, Pratt Park, Leech Circle Park, North Shore University Hospital at Glen Cove, Welwyn Preserve County Park, Webb Institute of Naval Architecture, Morgan Memorial Park, Glen Cove Golf Course, Glen Cove Ferry

The Law Office of Andrew M. Doktofsky, P.C. | Glen Cove Consumer Law and Bankruptcy Attorney

Contact The Law Office of Andrew M. Doktofsky, P.C. for information regarding any bankruptcy or consumer law issues you may have. Bankruptcy and consumer law lawyer Andrew M. Doktofsky understands the burden that having financial issues can cause and is ready to discuss the options you may have in order to regain a good financial standing. Contact The Law Office of Andrew M. Doktofsky, P.C. for a free consultation today at 631-812-7020 or send an online message.


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