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What To Know About The Fair Credit Reporting Act

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal statute that governs:

  • How information regarding creditworthiness, character and general reputation of consumers is furnished to consumer reporting agencies (CRAs)
  • How the CRAs must report this information
  • How, when and by whom the information may be used
  • Procedures that must be followed when information is disputed by a consumer
  • Remedies available to consumers for a CRA’s failure to comply with the FCRA

The intent of the FCRA is to ensure that information contained in consumer reports is accurate and that consumer reports are used only for the purposes for which they are intended.

Additional Informational Resources

Federal Trade Commission | Fair Credit Reporting Act – The full text of the Fair Credit Reporting Act under 15 USC § 1681 et seq.

Federal Trade Commission | Summary of Rights Under the FCRA – The Federal Trade Commission provides a brief summary of consumer rights under the FCRA, including the right to ask for a credit score, the right to dispute inaccurate information and the right to correct or delete inaccurate information. This link provides a summary of rights under the FCRA.

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